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Decorative veneers / Laminates are used for :

1. Partitions
2. Paneling
3. Kitchen Cabinets
4. Bathroom Doors


Decorative surface may be wiped clean with ordinary house hold liquid detergents / Soap. Stain if resistant can easily be removed with organic solvents like white spirit. Abrasive cleaner, acids, alkalis and wire brushes are not recommended. Resistance and maintenance conditions does not apply to metallic laminates since they are created for special optical effects and are very sensitive.

Decorative veneers are offered in plain solid colors, wood grains, metallic, fancy design and marble. Pioneer is having approx 4000 designs in its color range that is one of the highest in the world.


Single side Decorative veneers are used for furniture industry, tabletops and counter tops. Double side decorative laminates are used for kitchen cabinets, bathroom doors, paneling and partitions.